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21 October - 17 November
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8 Tips for University Sexual Misconduct Investigations

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What’s on offer?

Join an expert panel of professional services staff and university academics in this online session to learn more about investigating and conducting hearings on complaints about sexual misconduct at university. 

What’s it about?

Sexual misconduct can impede students' abilities to successfully progress through their degrees. At the same time, failing to hold those found to have violated the rules of conduct undermines the vision of a safe and fair community. You will hear some of their advice on best practices with these challenging cases. We will also highlight recent developments in the field as sector bodies (e.g., Office for Students) weigh in to push for progressive reforms in sexual misconduct cases.

Available topics include these:

  • Tips on improving investigations of sexual misconduct
  • Addressing issues of misunderstandings of consent with university students
  • Educating panel members can improve decision-making and outcomes
  • Advice on better processes to increase the perceptions of fairness for all parties

The tips may also be transferable to other settings, such as complaints by or against university staff, to other educational settings, and in other employment contexts. The event will be of interest to various groups: young people age 18-25; parents and guardians; professionals who work on issues of sexual misconduct; higher education executives and staff; policymakers; human resource representatives; criminal justice officials.

The issue with ticket registration has now been resolved (20/10/23) - please do go ahead and book via the University store platform at the link below. Apologies for any inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Who’s leading the event?

Dr. Melissa Hamilton, Professor of Law & Criminal Justice, University of Surrey - Dr. Melissa Hamilton is a Professor of Law & Criminal Justice and a Surrey AI Fellow at the University of Surrey School of Law. Research interests include the perpetration and victimization of sexual abuse, trauma-informed practices, policing and prosecution policies, and the deployment of evidence-based practices in correctional contexts. Numerous publications appear in legal and scientific journals. Prior to academia, she worked as a police officer and a prisons officer. Hamilton, a member of the American Psychological Association and International Corrections and Prisons Association, holds a Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law and a PhD in Criminology from The University of Texas at Austin.

Clarissa J. DiSantis, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Manager, Durham University- Clarissa is a practitioner, trainer, and leading authority on addressing gender-based violence at universities and was the first person to hold a dedicated role in this area in the United Kingdom. She is the co-author of Addressing Student Sexual Violence in Higher Education: A Good Practice Guide, co-editor of Stopping Gender-based violence in Higher Education: Policy, Practice, and Partnerships, and author of Epigeum’s Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence 2.0 (UK) online course. She is an experienced trainer and has developed and delivered courses covering topics such as understanding sexual violence in Higher Education, responding to disclosures, and conducting trauma-informed investigations, adjudication and disciplinary processes. She has provided training to a number of academic institutions throughout the UK, Egypt, USA and Ireland.

Ioana Enany, Head of Student Conduct & Compliance, St. George’s University - Ioana joined St George’s, University of London in January 2023 as Head of Student Conduct and Compliance and is responsible for the management and on-going development of the University’s strategy, policy, and procedures in relation to student disciplinary and fitness to practice. Ioana is in charge of sourcing, developing, and delivering training to new investigators and panel members and sits on the university’s Sexual Misconduct Working Group. Prior to this, she worked for over 8 years at University of Surrey in different roles, with over 7 years’ experience in student casework, being part of the University’s elite pool of investigators for the most complex student and staff cases, including sexual misconduct.

Glenn Moulton, Head of Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation, University of Surrey- Glenn has undertaken a variety of roles at the University of Surrey since 2006 and is currently the Head of the Office of Student Complaints, Appeal and Regulations (OSCAR). Glenn’s team are responsible for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and for supporting the Panels considering these cases. The OSCAR team are also heavily involved in policy development.

Amy Knight, Case Manager, Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation, University of Surrey - Amy has worked at the University of Surrey since 2011 and is currently a Case Manager in the Office of Student Complaints, Appeal and Regulations (OSCAR). Amy regularly investigates allegations of sexual misconduct committed by students and staff. She has had considerable involvement in the formulation of Surrey’s policy response to sexual misconduct and for ensuring the Case Management team are adhering to best practice in the sector.

Emily Setty, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey. Dr. Setty is a criminologist working on issues of consent in sexual interactions, with a focus on how young people navigate their in-person and digital sexual interactions.

Open to

This event is open to young people (18-25) and adults

Of particular interest to

The event will be of particular interest to young people age 18-25; parents and guardians professionals who work on issues of sexual misconduct; higher education executives and staff; policymakers; human resource representatives; and criminal justice officials.

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