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22 October - 13 November
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A Social Itch

Double-bill film screening of experimental docudramas about the social and political experience of scabies locally, and around the world

My local area theme

Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

Doors open 6.30pm

The bar and coffee shop will be open and hosting an interactive exhibition about local and global public health research projects on scabies

7pm: Quick introduction to anthropology by Gem Aellah; Introduction to film With a Forest Dark, highlighting local issues of Scabies in Care Homes in Coastal Towns like Eastbourne by Jo Middleton/Jackie Cassell

7.10pm: 15-minute screening of Within a Forest Dark

7.25pm: introduction by anthropologists from Brighton and Sussex Medical School fo Scabies/La Galle; highlighting the issue of Scabies in around the world, for example in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, and in other institutionalised settings like refugee camps

7.35 pm: 85minute screening of Scabies/La Galle

9pm: 30-minutes facilitated audience Q and A

Cinema bar closes at 10pm

What’s it about?

This event explores how film and social science can be used to better understand the multi-layered meanings of disease and disease outbreaks. Through fiction film, it offers a close, intimate insight into the lives of people suffering from scabies. At this event you will see some fascinating docudrama films, and social science experts will contextualise these through short introductions. There will be the chance to discuss the films and ask questions at the end.

Who’s leading the event?

Gem Aellah, Anthropologist at the Social Science for Stigmatising Skin Diseases project, BSMS

Jo Middleton, Disease Ecologist at BSMS

Jackie Cassell, Prof of Primary Care and Public Health Medicine, BSMS

Esther Garibay, Communications Research Manager at BSMS

+ Anthropology PhD students from Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia at the Social Science for Stigmatising Skin Diseases project, BSMS

Open to

Anyone age 16+ is welcome (due to the rating of the film)

Of particular interest to

This film is for anyone interetsed in art house film and those interested in film-making; opera fans; those with an interest in scabies; health professionals, or volunteers working locally; anyone interested in public and global health.