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21 October - 17 November
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Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Healthcare Education

Best Practices & Procedures

A group of medics

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Join our exclusive webinar as we delve into the critical topic of 'Fitness to Practice' in healthcare education.

What’s it about?

Recent headlines have drawn attention to an unsettling reality: sexual misconduct within the healthcare sector. One example was a survey indicating that two-thirds of female surgeons had personally experienced sexual harassment by colleagues within the previous five years. With studies revealing a significant gap in training related to these issues for medical students, the question arises - are higher education (HE) institutions doing enough?

Why is this relevant? 'Fitness to Practice' ensures professionals possess the competence and character to operate safely and effectively. HE institutions play a pivotal role in this process, when a student’s fitness to practice comes into question in the face of allegations of sexual misconduct.

What will this webinar cover?

  • The contemporary context of sexual misconduct in healthcare.
  • An introduction to 'Fitness to Practice' procedures in healthcare degree programmes.
  • Expert panel discussions on pertinent questions:
  • When should HE institutions notify professional bodies about sexual misconduct allegations against students?
  • How do complaints of sexual misconduct relate to general guidelines on fitness?
  • Who should adjudicate/investigate sexual misconduct complaints in 'Fitness to Practice' proceedings?
  • How should complaints involving neuro-diverse students be handled?

Reserve your spot now and be part of this essential conversation, driving positive change in healthcare education and practices.

The issue with ticket registration has now been resolved (20/10/23) - please do go ahead and book via the University store platform at the link below. Apologies for any inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Who’s leading the event?

Dr. Melissa Hamilton, Professor of Law & Criminal Justice, University of Surrey - Research interests include the perpetration and victimization of sexual abuse, trauma-informed practices, policing and prosecution policies, and the deployment of evidence-based practices in correctional contexts. Numerous publications appear in legal and scientific journals. Prior to academia, she worked as a police officer and a prisons officer. Hamilton, a member of the American Psychological Association and International Corrections and Prisons Association, holds a Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law and a PhD in Criminology from The University of Texas at Austin.

Ioana Enany, Head of Student Conduct & Compliance, St. George’s University - Ioana joined St George’s, University of London in January 2023 as Head of Student Conduct and Compliance and is responsible for the management and on-going development of the University’s strategy, policy, and procedures in relation to student disciplinary and fitness to practice. Ioana is in charge of sourcing, developing, and delivering training to new investigators and panel members and sits on the university’s Sexual Misconduct Working Group. Prior to this, she worked for over 8 years at University of Surrey in different roles, with over 7 years’ experience in student casework, being part of the University’s elite pool of investigators for the most complex student and staff cases, including sexual misconduct.

Angela M Kubacki, CPsychol, SFHEA, AFBPS is a Chartered Health Psychologist and Reader in Clinical Communication with over 25 years of evidence-based, research-led teaching experience in UK medical education.  As Head of Clinical Communication at St George’s, University of London, she has expertise in leading, developing, coordinating, delivering and evaluating communications skills training for medical and allied health students,  health care professionals and trainees. As Dean for Student Conduct and Compliance at St George’s, she is Chair of the Student Progress and Monitoring Committee, providing advice and support to Course Directors in responding to students in difficulty.  She is responsible for supporting the training of staff involved in policies and procedures and is experienced in chairing discretionary panels, student disciplinary proceedings and Fitness to Practise hearings.

Expert panel members:

Dr Dominic Johnson is the Vice Dean- Clinical at the School of Medicine at Liverpool University. He has led University FTP in the past and acted in his capacity as a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist as an expert witness in relation to FTP.  

Dr Ban Haider is a GP Partner in South West London, a Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and Associate Dean for Culture and Development at St George’s, University of London. Dr Haider has worked on a range of local and national projects to promote inclusive education and tackle discrimination within higher education settings. She has contributed to the development of national guidance on Challenging Exclusions within medical schools, as part of her role on the Medical Schools Council EDI Alliance. She has also worked with the UK charity Against Violence and Abuse to develop resources for universities to tackle sexual misconduct as part of their #Combatmisconduct project. 

Chris Baker, Paramedic Programmes Professional Lead & Associate Professor, St George’s University. Chris has 30 years’ ambulance experience, including 2 years acting as Investigating Officer in the London Ambulance Service (LAS)  and extensive experience in Fitness to Practice matters as he regularly serves as a registrant panel member on HCPC panel hearings.

Amy Dopson, Associate Professor, Head of Department: Continuing Professional Development & Post Graduate Education, University of Surrey. Amy is a registered Adult and Children’s nurse, with a background specialising in Emergency Care and Safeguarding, developing professionalism and Fitness to Practise for students studying on professional preparatory programmes, quite naturally developed as an area of interest and a passion when Amy moved into Healthcare Education in 2006.  During that time, Amy has developed the professionalism forum within her faculty, supported the instigation of processes to streamline practice colleagues Fitness to Practise referrals, and provides education both internally and externally within this area.  Over the past 5 years Amy has established her wider role across the University, and particularly gained greater insight and experience when considering Sexual Misconduct in all areas within the university setting, but particularly in relation to Healthcare practice students.  As an Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations panel Chair, Amy regularly Chairs challenging Fitness to Practise and Disciplinary panels, as well as supporting colleagues as the academic representative on the University Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Group.

Open to

Open to all

Of particular interest to

Higher education professionals, healthcare workers, regulatory bodies in healthcare, healthcare students, third sector professionals in sexual abuse contexts, and policymakers.

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