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21 October - 17 November
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AI disruption in the job market

Navigating future skills and relevance

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What’s on offer?

A panel discussion on how AI is disrupting the labour market.

What’s it about?

The job market is in constant flux. Industries change or become obsolete. New technologies emerge and disrupt. This has never been more apparent than with the recent progress of AI.

A panel of experts will explain how AI is disrupting the labour market today and will continue to do so. They will discuss strategies you can put in place to hone the skills necessary to keep you relevant in the workplace into the future.

Who’s leading the event?

  • Dr Grace Lordan, Director of The Inclusion Initiative, author of Think Big and Associate Professor at LSE
  • Lucy Bailey, CEO and Founder of Bounce Forward
  • Dr Michael Muthukrishna, Associate Professor of Economic Psychology at LSE
  • Professor Leslie P Willcocks, Professor Emeritus in Technology, Work and Globalisation at LSE
  • Chaired by Dr Christine Chow, Emeritus Governor of LSE

Event Booking details

This public event is free and open to all. This event will be a hybrid event, with an in-person audience and an online audience. 

For the in-person event: No ticket or pre-registration is required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. For any queries see LSE Events FAQs: 

For the online event: Register for this online event via LSE Live at AI disruption in the job market: navigating future skills and relevance: 

For any queries email