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21 October - 17 November
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Art, rights and resistance for the 21st century

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What’s on offer?

Interdisciplinary feminist collective LASTESIS are in conversation with Tanya Harmer, reflecting on arts, rights and resistance for the 21st century.

What’s it about?

50 years ago after the Chilean coup ushered in a violent 17-year old dictatorship, and 5 years after Chile’s widespread democratic protests, LASTESIS discuss the importance of understanding history for our present and why feminist theory and resistance matter more than ever. They will also discuss their recent book, Set Fear on Fire.

What role does art and performance have in politics and how does it shape activism around the world? What relevance does Chile’s history have for contemporary politics and society? How has the conceptualisation of human rights changed over time and what rights should we be concerned about safeguarding today? Join us to find out more and pose your own questions to LASTESIS in an inclusive conversation.

Who’s leading the event?

  • Paula Cometa Stange, member of LASTESIS, designer and teacher
  • Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem, member of LASTESIS, performing artist and lecturer
  • Daffne Valdes Vargas, member of LASTESIS and performing artist
  • Chaired by Dr Tanya Harmer, Associate Professor in the Department of International History at LSE

Event Booking details

This public event is free and open to all. This event will be a hybrid event, with an in-person audience and an online audience. 

For the in-person event: No ticket or pre-registration is required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. For any queries see LSE Events FAQs: 

For the online event: Registration for this event will open after 10am on Tuesday 24 October.

For any queries email