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21 October - 17 November
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Beyond Bedtime: The Hidden Joy and Wellness in Adults Reading with Children

A happy family of two adults and two children reading a bedtime story in a den decorated with fairy lights

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop as we delve into the joys and benefits of reading with children, focusing on its positive impact on wellbeing and mental health.

Scheduled from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm on 11th November at Whitley Bay Library, this drop-in workshop will feature interactive discussions and activities. Come share and discover the therapeutic effects of reading with the younger generation.

What’s it about?

Ever wondered how reading Cinderella or The Gruffalo might enhance your mental health? While a lot of emphasis is placed on the benefits of reading for children, the wellbeing of adults in these shared moments often goes unnoticed. "Beyond Bedtime" is an event tailored to highlight the joy and wellness benefits that adults — particularly parents, grandparents, and caregivers — gain from these meaningful reading experiences. What's more, these aren't just fleeting moments; they grow and develop as the children grow, providing life-long benefits for the adults involved.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

• Share personal reading experiences

• Explore the therapeutic aspects of bedtime stories and shared reading

• Dive into imaginative "what-if" scenarios from children's books

• Engage in storytelling through craft-making

• And much more

Supported by experienced researchers, practitioners and experts at Northumbria University, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, and Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, this event promises to be an enlightening journey. Join us to delve deeper into the transformative power of shared storytelling, and discover how these precious moments can nourish not only a child's mind, but yours as well.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Mimi Huang, Northumbria University

Mrs Nicola Vernon, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Open to


Of particular interest to

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children

Event Booking details

Turn up on the day; no need to book.

Refreshments and craft activities will be available at the event.