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21 October - 17 November
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Blackness, Knowledge, Stories and the Disappeared

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What’s on offer?

A panel discussion

What’s it about?

Join Dr Olivia U Rutazibwa from the London School of Economics for a discussion on the relation between the stories and knowledges we tell and are told and who is or can be disappeared.

We focus on the question: ‘where are the Black people?’, both as storytellers and protagonists to cast a new light on historical (cf Holocaust and the World Wars) and present day pressing sites of systematic disappearances (e.g. in the Mediterranean, overseas wars, (Black) lives in the police, carceral and judicial systems, our housing and labour markets). We will seek to understand how storytelling, and who gets to live and who gets to die, are intimately linked; and how centring other stories and storytellers can help us refuse and experience the disappearances of the world’s global majority as unacceptable to us all.

This event is part of the State of Disappearance project. For more events, visit

Who’s leading the event?

Brad Evans, Professor of Political Violence at the University of Bath.