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22 October - 13 November
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Child Bilingualism: what do we know? How do we find out?

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What’s on offer?

Interactive talk and activities by the Child Bilingualism Lab: attendees will hear about our latest research in an interactive talk, and will have the opportunity to try out tasks, tests (‘games’) and devices. This includes: using eye gaze device (speak using your eyes), picture IQ tests, language and cognitive tasks in English and Welsh (but also other languages). This will be an in person event.

What’s it about?

Did you know that learning two languages can improve children’s cognitive skills? Or that children with developmental disabilities can learn English and Welsh without additional language difficulties? The Child Bilingualism lab investigates language and thinking skills in bilingual children, with focus on Welsh-English bilingualism. Our findings linked to heritage language and schools will also be discussed.

By attending this event, attendees will get a hands-on experience of using specialist devices and activities. They will also learn about how language and thinking skills develop in children exposed to two languages, including children with developmental disabilities such as Rett syndrome and Down syndrome. Some parents and practitioners may worry about the effect of exposing children to two languages: in this talk we will address such fears by giving evidence-based information and guidance.


Who’s leading the event?

The events will be hosted by the Child Bilingualism Lab. This includes the three applicants, and our Doctoral students in Bilingualism.

This event is hosted in collaboration by Bangor and Cardiff Universities. It will take place in two separate locations on different dates. 

Open to

The event is aimed at adults and young people, but children and families are welcome to attend. We will also invite stakeholder groups via organisations with which we collaborate.

Of particular interest to

The event will be of particular interest to parents, teachers and professionals working with children. Anyone interested in language development and
languages is equally welcome. Of particular relevance to Welsh audiences (and we intend to have a bilingual presentation for the talk part, and offer
choice of language – English or Welsh – for the one-to-one activities).

Scheduling information

This event is hosted in collaboration by Bangor and Cardiff Universities. It will take place in two separate locations on different dates. If you would like to attend this event in Cardiff, please follow the link: