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22 October - 13 November
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Creating Place: Socially-engaged art in the strive for sustainable cities

My local area theme

What’s on offer?

The event will consist of a brief introduction session of 10 minutes to give an overview of our project on creative placemaking. Artists and creatives who are participating in the Co-Lab or similar projects will be asked to join the event and introduce their work (30 mins total), facilitated by Alejandro Ezquerro-Nassar and Cara Courage. We will be showcasing socially-engaged art projects. A 20 minute Q&A session will follow.

What’s it about?

Throughout human history, art has played vital role shaping communities and identity. As a collective exercise, creative practices can bring people together to collaborate and engage in meaningful dialogue. Creative work can be a vehicle for education and exposure to aesthetic diversity. In this socially-engaged form, art can be radically transformative.

In this discussion, we will ask whether the creative power of socially-engaged art be used by authorities to collaborate and co-create local policy. How can principles of community-engaged art help in making cities inclusive and sustainable? Can we bring creative placemaking into our own homes and work environments? To explore these questions, we will be  focusing on our experiences at the Brighton Co-Lab, as well as drawing from the last decade of research into creative placemaking.

The event will explore the role of artists and creative practitioners in the shaping of city spaces. How do we incorporate diverse aesthetic visions into city planning? How can we make sure that the interests of different communities are reflected in planning policy, from design to implementation?

Creative practices can be a vehicle towards understanding and empathy. Creative placemaking at its best should incentivise local communities into collaborative ways of thinking, enhancing dialogue and facilitating conflict resolution. Those who attend this event will hopefully leave feeling inspired to think of ways in which they themselves can effect change through creative placemaking within their own environments, large or small.

Who’s leading the event?

Alejandro Ezquerro-Nassar, Impact Fellow and Lead at the Brighton Co-Lab

Open to

Anyone welcome

Of particular interest to

People with an interest in sustainability and social inclusion

People looking at alternative ways of community engagement