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21 October - 17 November
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Design Your Own Sleep Demon

A demon drawing out the words draw you own sleep demon. With text on the side stating

What’s on offer?

Join us for a Halloween workshop - make your own Sleep Demon! This workshop is led by Kevin Leomo and Maria Sledmere. Materials made in the workshop will be displayed ahead of our CinemARC screening of Donnie Darko on 26 October.

What’s it about?

While sleep is a source of rest and recovery, many of us wrestle with disturbed sleep. If you’ve ever had nightmares or found yourself sleepwalking, you’ve encountered oneirodynia. The word comes from the Greek oneiros, meaning ‘dream’ and odyne, meaning pain. Sleep disturbance may be caused by a number of factors: from stress to stimulants, environment, illness and temperature. The eponymous protagonist of Donnie Darko is often found sleepwalking or experiencing some kind of nocturnal anguish. In this workshop, which serves as a primer for the film's upcoming CinemARC debut, we’ll explore hypnagogic states between wakefulness and sleep as premonition, vision and disturbance. Together we will produce a ‘sleep bestiary’ of our (least) favourite nocturnal nasties, and present our findings before the screening on Thursday.

Who’s leading the event?

The Advanced Research Centre

Open to

Anyone interested