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21 October - 17 November
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Digital Doors to History: local and global pasts through virtual reality experiences and digital storytelling

Row of four seated children wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headsets inside a museum or art gallery

What’s on offer?

Digital Doors to History comprises two workshops at Birmingham's ThinkTank. The workshops aim to introduce visitors to digital formats in history:

  • 30 October, 11am-1pm, Digital Story-Scripting
  • 3 November, 11am-1pm, Virtual Reality Storyboarding

These workshops are open to both adults and children aged 13 and over. Registration to either workshop includes gaining access to the adjacent Digital Doors to History pop-up exhibition, plus the wider museum.

What’s it about?

Curated by Dr Brian Sudlow and Professor Stefan Manz of Aston University, Digital Doors to History will introduce visitors to themes of local and global history through the new digital media formats of virtual reality experiences and digital storytelling. Assistant curators will be on hand to guide visitors and answer any questions they have.

There will be one workshop on virtual reality storyboarding and one workshop on digital story-scripting. These sessions will introduce participants to the ways in which historians are using new digital media to help more audiences engage with history. They will also give participants a hands-on opportunity to get involved in the creative process themselves. The best script produced in the digital story-scripting session will be animated and displayed at the museum between Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Brian Sudlow, Lecturer in History, Aston University
Professor Stefan Manz, Professor of Global History, Aston University

Open to

The Digital Story Scripting Workshop is suitable for 10-18 year olds.

The Virtual Reality Storyboarding Workshop is suitable for 14-18 year olds.

Parents are welcome to register and participate alongside their children.

Of particular interest to

The workshops could be of interest to GCSE and A level students. The workshop associated pop-up exhibition might be of interest to those with an interest in new digital media and its intersection with history.

Event Booking details

Click here to register for the digital story scripting workshop on 30 October

Click here to register for the virtual reality storyboarding workshop on 3 November

Scheduling information

Please note the dates/times for the separate workshops and their respective booking links:

  • Workshop: Story-Scripting, Monday 30th October, 11am-1pm (Click here to register)
  • Workshop: Virtual Reality Storyboarding, Friday 3rd November, 11am-1pm (Click here to register)