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21 October - 17 November
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Erasure, Passivity, and Assertiveness: Women as Leaders and Representatives

MPs, Leaders, and Disney Princesses

6 Black and white photographs of key women in politics

What’s on offer?

Join us to listen to a series of three short talks on the role of women in politics. Following this participants can enjoy interactive activities that will ‘gamify’ the topic with pictures and quizzes, seeking to inform and help reflect on why women are often forgotten, marginalised, or even abused in the narrative (in the workplace, or at specific times, economic crisis, the pandemic).

What’s it about?

How we talk and examine the past or the role of women in politics and society can affect how we see it and engage with it. We cannot be what we cannot see.

In this talk, starting from novel research on women of the Common Assembly and European Parliament of the Six to then move to women as leaders in the European External Action Service, and women as Disney Princesses as role models, researchers will present their work and engage with the audience with questions. How is equality understood and presented? What type of women are represented? There are overlooked periods and offices, and this has serious consequences on policies. Yet, if we do not talk about women and how they are represented, they do not exist. It is important to talk and know about them, as women tend to be marginalized.

The persistent lack of women in some specific offices has critical policy consequences that can provide insight on recent and current political debates on the direction and future of European integration, and, at the domestic level, on the experiences of women during the economic crisis and the pandemic. It is clear that women can be successful active social and political actors. 

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Simona Guerra, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics at the University of Surrey

Dr Laura Chappell, Senior Lecturer in European Politics at the University of Surrey

Dr Robyn Muir, Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Surrey


Open to

Adults and young people 

Of particular interest to

Will appeal to those with an interest in female leadership

Event Booking details

This is a hybrid event with the option to attend online or in person.

For in-person ticket registrations please book here

For online ticket registrations please book here

Event booking deadline

5pm GMT, Thursday 2nd November