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22 October - 13 November
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‘Exeter on Screen: Projecting and Printing Place’

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What’s on offer?

Exeter On Screen: Projecting and Printing Place’ will be a one day creative workshop at Positive Lights (Sidwell St, Exeter). The workshop will explore how the urban spaces of modern Exeter have been pictured. Using a selection of rare historic magic lantern slides of Exeter, participants will create a range of large and small scale experimental images by exposing light direct onto photosensitive paper in a camera obscura and pop-up dark room. These prints will then be developed further utilising a range of screen printing techniques.

What’s it about?

Professor John Plunkett researches the development of new visual media such as early photography, camera obscura, panorama, magic lantern and stereoscopy. His current project focuses on the use of these media across the south-west region from 1800-1920, and includes analysis of the way that local people were able to capture and celebrate the world around them pictorially.

Participants will be introduced to the workings and history of the magic lantern and camera obscura by Professor  Plunkett, who will demonstrate their role in depicting experiences of locality and place in the 19th and early 20th century. 

Who’s leading the event?

The workshop will be led by Positive Lights.
Positive Lights uses the visual arts to engage and inspire a diverse range of audiences and communities as well as developing emerging practitioners and aiding them move their practise forward in exciting and innovative ways. For more details go to

Of particular interest to

The workshop will be open to all but likely to be of particular interest to those with an interest in creative arts, and place and heritage.