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21 October - 17 November
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Growing up in Dance

Translating knowledge into practice to support children and young people

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Lifelong wellbeing theme

Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

This half-day workshop and training event will provide dance teachers with an opportunity to learn about the latest developments and best practice in supporting healthy development and promoting health and wellbeing for children and young people in dance. 

What’s it about?

Dance teachers play a key role in supporting dancers experiencing growth and maturation to avoid injury, develop positive body image, and continue to participate in dance with the right knowledge and skills. This workshop will share findings from the Growing Up in Dance (GuiDANCE) project and the best practice guidelines we created. We will focus on practical elements in terms of how dance teachers can translate knowledge into practice and will also introduce you to the GuiDANCE Network – a continuation of the work of the GuiDANCE project collaborators which represents our first steps at implementing these best practice guidelines across the sector.

Who’s leading the event?

The event will be led by Dr Siobhan Mitchell in collaboration with One Dance UK and the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Open to

Professional (designed for people to attend because it relates to their work or position of responsibility. 

Of particular interest to

Dancers. Dance Teachers. Those who work or take part in activites in the Dance industry.