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21 October - 17 November
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Her City

Making women visible in the design of public open spaces

Illustration of people in the city

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Designing two workshops to empower the local women in Leeds in designing and shaping the built environment for a better and safer community (20-25 participants each session).

The face to face workshops will be split into two age range groups between (16-25 year olds) and (25-70 year olds).

It is preferable to be done within the comfort zone of the participants to be able to capture their thoughts and ideas freely without restrictions.

The duration of the session will not exceed 90 minutes between the briefing and the introduction to the actual session itself.  Participants will be split into 4-5 groups.

What’s it about?

This event is using a co-design approach which enables a wide range of women to make creative contribution to the formulation and shaping their built environment particularly public open spaces.  This is by creating a space that goes beyond consultation by building and deepening equal collaboration between citizens affected by or attempting to resolve a specific challenge (safety and security of women in public open spaces).

Participants will be using a variety of art materials (paint/pencils/charcoal/inks) to express their emotions and feelings around what an ideal safe space looks and means to them in both the physical and psychological sense and whether those ideal space exist in Leeds or not.  The images will unlock unconscious thoughts, feelings and give them autonomy to tell their individual stories, these will then be put together to form a collage map which will be collective responses to form a large art installation.  The second part of the workshops is highlighting the unsafe spaces/safe space on an actual map using colour pencils and start expressing their feelings and emotions.  It is crucial and deeply valued process for those who feel intimately connected to the places in their lives.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr May Newisar - University of Leeds

Open to

Women and girls

Of particular interest to

We would like to engage all sections of society precisely women and girls from different ethnic groups who are familiar with and have lived in Leeds to understand the nature of its public open spaces and the issues around safety and security for women and girls.

Event Booking details

Google form to identify the suitability of the participants to the topic of the workshop

Event booking deadline

15th October 2023