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21 October - 17 November
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Local Challenges – working together to set priorities for Place

Lifelong wellbeing theme

Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

Interactive roundtable event sharing expertise and insights into the challenges experienced by communities across the region and discussion of place-based solutions and policies.

What’s it about?

Lifelong Wellbeing is defined in the broadest terms for this event and is intended to encourage a collaborative discussion about the challenges that our communities face and exploring how we can work together to develop solutions.

Where people live and work has an impact on their lifelong wellbeing. Place influences all aspects of wellbeing, from people’s ability to feel fulfilled and independent through access to education or employment to how healthy they are, both in body and mind.

Together, Lifelong Wellbeing and Place are conceptualised as a series of wellbeing landscapes, comprising the natural, built, human, and cultural environments that influence wellbeing. This event will bring together leading academics and community members, policy makers and key stakeholders working across the lifelong wellbeing landscape in Wales.

This highly interactive event will:

Showcase the work being done to understand the role of Place and how wellbeing landscapes are understood and improved.

Encourage the exchange of ideas between participants.

Nurture an understanding of what local decision-makers need to deliver policies relating to lifelong wellbeing, and how they can be supported.

Who’s leading the event?

Louisa Huxtable-Thomas 

Open to

Audiences with an interest in policy, business, healthcare and place-based wellbeing

Event booking deadline

24 hours before