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21 October - 17 November
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Mapping Women’s Work

A group of people with stamps and pens writing and drawing on pieces of paper.

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

You are invited to reflect on a series of ‘maps of women’s work’ created through workshops at Glasgow Women’s Library. The maps have been created by women participants who worked alongside artist Ailie Rutherford to visualise the complex nature of work and care for many women. During workshops, the women were invited to map out their multiple roles and responsibilities, take part in conversations about precarious, undervalued and invisible labour and think together about how we might move towards a more equitable economic system. There is the opportunity for participants to view the beautiful maps and to reflect on their situations to consider how work, gender and care intersect. Participants will be able to meet the artist and create their map using the resources available.

What’s it about?

The activity is linked to a Nuffield Foundation funded study “Women in multiple low-paid employment: pathways between work, care and health” (2020-2024).  As part of this study we talked to 105 women working multiple jobs about their paid and unpaid work, care responsibilities and health. Ten of these women (and five from other networks) took part in the mapping workshops at Glasgow Women’s Library. Working multiple jobs in an increasing and significant phenomenon in the current economic climate, but has not attracted much research interest as an aspect of women’s lives.  In this study we are examining the inter-relationships between multiple jobs, poverty, care responsibilities and health.  The findings from this study – and the workshops - will influence policy areas including labour market participation, care responsibilities and work, social security protections, and work-life balance.

Who’s leading the event?

Louise Lawson

Open to

Anyone is welcome