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22 October - 13 November
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Marketing places of doing ‘good’

My local area theme

What’s on offer?

This event will highlight the different connotations of the notion of “place” in the context of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Concurrently, it will serve to present on-going educational research conducted by selected members of the Marketing Subject Group. The event will start off with a short interactive task to encourage participation from the audience. It will be followed by a 10-minutes introduction into the topic by a KBS Marketing academic. Three invited panel speakers representing selected NGOs, will then discuss the different aspects of ‘place’ from the perspective of their organisations for 20-minutes each (15 presentation + 5-minutes Q&A). This discussion will be moderated by a KBS Marketing academic. It will be followed by a 20-minutes panel/wider audience debate on the future of physical, virtual, and hybrid spaces in the NGO sector.  

What’s it about?

NGOs are all around us. We engage with them in various ways as volunteers, donors, or beneficiaries. They are united in the quest of ‘doing good’ for society but there is also heterogeneity within them. Some are well established such as The British Red Cross Society, or Greenpeace, others much smaller, more anonymous, focussing on our neighbourhoods only. Hence the places where they are ‘doing good’ tend to differ. During our talk/panel we would like to explore some of these places pondering about the literal locations of invited NGOs’ offices or beneficiaries, the spaces these NGOs manage as their raison d’être, or more abstract challenges the NGOs face in their multi-stakeholder environment.

Who’s leading the event?

Event leaders: Prof. Shintaro Okazaki Professor in Marketing at King's Business School and Dr Prokriti Mukherji Lecturer in Marketing at King's Business School.
Potential speakers: 1. A representative of an NGO managing a specific physical space, 2. A representative of an NGO advocating access for new audiences to existing spaces, 3. A representative of an NGO creating a “save space” for certain audiences, etc. Specific names are tbd.

Open to

Public audience: Young people and adults interested in NGOs and Marketing.

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