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21 October - 17 November
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Mathematics makes sense

Two people pressing a large calculator with the numbers 2245.

What’s on offer?

Children (and parents) will experience mathematics in a way that is not usually present in school, we hope that this will contribute to a more positive attitude towards mathematics. The activities will involve the use of maths manipulatives (e.g., interlinked cubes), low-tech resources (e.g., string, cardboard, paperclips) and free software (e.g., Geogebra) to make the activities accessible to children of different ages.

What’s it about?

Math teacher educators are researching attitudes and beliefs towards mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning. In their seminars, they use engaging activities with student teachers and in-service teachers to help them rediscover maths concepts they are already familiar with from a different, unfamiliar perspective. The Maths teaching team are researching student teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning. Challenging PGDE Mathematics Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes in the Context of Curriculum Reform

Who’s leading the event?

School of Education: Maths teaching team

Open to

Children aged 8-16 and their parents. 

Of particular interest to

Those who struggle with maths.