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21 October - 17 November
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Plastics Question Time - One Bin to Rule Them All

A drawing of various plastic containers

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Have you ever wondered why plastic recycling in the UK is so confusing and chaotic? Join our interactive session to discuss and discover why this is the case and explore solutions.

Explore the world of plastic recycling with our interdisciplinary research team involved in the innovative ‘One Bin to Rule Them All’ project. They will be on hand to answer your questions and share insights into their ongoing efforts to enhance plastic recycling practices across the UK.

If you're unsure about how to recycle specific plastic items at home, don't hesitate to bring them with you. Throughout the event, you'll have the chance to participate in two interactive activities designed to help you better understand the UK's plastic recycling landscape.

In our "Which bin is it again?" activity, you can experiment with disposing of plastic waste and engage in discussions with our team about your choices. We'll also address the challenges associated with plastic recycling, inviting you to share your questions and ideas on how to improve recyclability.

In the "What plastic is it anyway?" activity, you'll gain hands-on experience with an advanced piece of scientific equipment known as FTIR. This allows you to analyse various everyday plastic packaging materials and see what they are made of. You'll discover that not all plastics are the same, each calling on unique recycling pathways.

Additionally, the team’s developed an interactive materials hierarchy to help you better understand the most effective pathways for recycling plastic packaging. You can access this resource online and explore it further during the event. Join us for an insightful journey into the world of plastic recycling!

What’s it about?

Plastics play a big role in our daily lives, from wrapping things, to forming medical tools and toys. But a lack of convenient recycling options has led to a big problem: most plastic packaging ends up in landfills or nature, causing pollution.

The ‘One Bin to Rule Them All’ project aims to make recycling easier and more effective for everyone. It brings together a cross-sector consortium of over 17 industry partners and local authorities to help find solutions to household plastic recycling challenges. The team’s latest policy report puts forward potential solutions to create a circular plastics economy in the UK and limit plastic waste.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Torik Holmes, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester

Dr Helen Holmes, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester

Dr Kristoffer Korsten, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester

Open to

This event is open to all.

Of particular interest to

This is of particular interest to anyone interested in household plastic waste and recycling. It will also be interesting to anyone interested in sustainability, climate change and the protection of the environment.

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No need to book, just come along.