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21 October - 17 November
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Play in Education: Seriously?

Play games for education and meaningful experience

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What’s on offer?

Coventry University Centre for Postdigital Cultures are inviting you to join us for some fun educational game sessions. There will be three different areas to join:

Homeless Monopoly is a life-size board game with gameplay of approximately an hour

DALI games are a selection of Data Literacy games which have been developed through an Erasmus+ project, gameplay varies depending on the game in play

Cardia is an online game which is linked to your heartrate, this is in the development phase and participants over 16 would be asked to provide a consent form for data, gameplay lasts for a few minutes.

What’s it about?

Homeless Monopoly has been developed to provide an insight into the barriers that people living on the streets face on a daily occurrence. You will join the game and become the playing piece throughout the game with the object of the game to gather enough resources and money to acquire a key to a property.

DALI games have been created to increase peoples awareness of data literacy. You will experience DALI Life, a boardgame that will help you explore data and their impact in your daily life.

Cardia, developed by colleagues from Manchester Metropolitan University, aims to explore wearables for influencing gameplay. You will jump on the spot and escape from slime monsters.

Who’s leading the event?

The GameChangers team (Ludic Design) and the team from Manchester Metropolitan University:

Homeless Monopoly – Jayne Beaufoy and Sylvester Arnab, CU

DALI – Mark Lewis and Alex Masters, CU

Cardia – John Henry and Connah Kendrick, MMU

Open to

Children, young people and famillies.

Of particular interest to

Families, children, young people, game enthusiasts

Event booking deadline

8 November