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21 October - 17 November
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Promoting wellbeing in the workplace

An evidence-based approach for managers and leaders at all levels

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What’s on offer?

Join us for two interactive, evidence-based workshops that will share cutting-edge research on ‘what might work’ in promoting workplace wellbeing and engagement, and help you to explore new wellbeing practices that can be embedded in your workplace or team.

What’s it about?

How can ‘fair work’ and job crafting promote engagement and wellbeing in your team? 

Explore insights from research recently conducted with more than 3,500 employees about workplace factors shaping engagement and wellbeing, with Dr Nicola Murray and Professor Colin Lindsay of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research. Our evidence-based insights suggest that specific ‘fair work’ practices – such as broadening workplace learning opportunities and empowering people to engage in ‘job crafting’ – might be crucial for people’s wellbeing in the workplace. But how can team leaders or managers make small changes to empower employees and enhance their wellbeing? Our interactive workshop activities will help you to share insights and learn from good practice.

Explore and Embed Workplace Wellbeing: 5 Evidence-based Principles

Join Dr Helen Fitzhugh of the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing Research Team, University of East Anglia, as she offers five principles that can help any organisation – regardless of size, sector or age – review their approach to workplace wellbeing. The interactive activities of the workshop will help organisations explore their current practices and then take away a good idea of what they can do next to embed a wellbeing culture in their organisation.

Who’s leading the event?

Professor Patricia Findlay and Professor Colin Lindsay, Work, Employment and Organisation, University of Strathclyde

Of particular interest to

The workshops are designed to be of interest to leaders and managers at all levels (from team leaders and line managers to senior leaders); trade union and employee representatives; and researchers and policy stakeholders with an interest in fair work and workplace wellbeing.

Scheduling information

Workshop 1: 10.30am - 12.30pm: How can ‘fair work’ and job crafting promote engagement and wellbeing in your team?

Workshop 2: 1.30pm - 3.30pm: Explore and embed workplace wellbeing: 5 evidence-based principles

Participants are invited to attend either the morning or afternoon events, or both if they prefer.

Event booking deadline

24th October 2023