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21 October - 17 November
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Recovering life after stroke: rehabilitation for young adults - Drop in event

Recovering life after stroke poster

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Join us for our World Stroke Day 2023 event with a variety of fun and FREE drop-in interactive activities. Explore the experiences of young adults on their journey of stroke recovery and delve into the fascinating world of the human brain. 

  • 360 Video Experience: Dive into an immersive 360 degree video using a virtual reality headset and see the world from the perspective of young adults with aphasia after stroke.
  • Maze and Puzzle Challenges: Test your skills with maze and puzzle challenges using a mirror and your non-dominant hand and discover the challenges that stroke survivors might face in their daily lives.
  • Brain Health Education Activity: Let your creativity flow with a colouring activity suitable for all ages, while learning about different brain regions and their functions. Get hands-on with a brain model and explore the wonders of the human brain.

What’s it about?

We will provide a range of interactive activities suitable for both children and adults to engage in and learn about brain health and stroke rehabilitation for young adults. Pop by for a visit and make the most of your time by combining entertainment and education!

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Catherine Clarissa, Lecturer in Nursing (Life Sciences) / Research Fellow at Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh

Open to

open to the general public, from school-age children (4+) to the elderly

Of particular interest to

of particular interest to those who have experience of stroke recovery, especially young adults