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21 October - 17 November
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School Food Memories

A school dinner cook hands a child a tray of school food with a sandwich and vegetables, over a counter featuring salads.

What’s on offer?

An afternoon of history, sharing memories and food tasting based on the history of the School Meals Service.

What’s it about?

Spam fritters, corned beef hash, jam sponge with pink custard... 

...what are your memories of school meals? 

The School Meals Project explores the impact of school meals in Britain, from 1906-present day. This event is your chance to find out about the history of school meals, share your memories and even taste some classic school dinner foods! 

Due to catering arrangements, online booking for this event will close one week before the event. If you wish to book after this point, please email Isabelle Carter:

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Heather Ellis, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow, University of Sheffield

Event booking deadline

Booking closes one week before the event