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21 October - 17 November
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Thriving together: Telling the story of diversity through Tolkien’s tales

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What’s on offer?

Embark on an epic journey of unity through diversity. Drawing inspiration from Tolkien's Fellowship and real-world tales, discover how integrating unique strengths and perspectives forges rewarding fellowships. An interactive session blending storytelling, multidisciplinary insights, and a fun foodie task. Come collaborate toward a common goal - thriving together!

What’s it about?

We begin by drawing on the seminal work of J.R.R. Tolkien and the expansive fandom it has generated to focus on a particular aspect: the transformative journey of the Fellowship of the Ring. Our external speaker (Dr Michael Urick, author of “Leadership in Middle-earth. Theories and Applications for Organisations.”) will highlight the importance of forging connections between beings from vastly different backgrounds and perspectives, and their collective collaboration towards a common goal.

This will then be followed by an exhibition of inspiring examples of multidisciplinary success stories from the University of Birmingham. We showcase how the integration of diverse perspectives nurtures creativity, the leveraging of unique strengths enhances problem-solving capacities, and the harnessing of differences achieves holistic solutions.

The attendants will then be invited to engage in an interactive exercise to experience this diverse fellowship hands-on. Participants will form small groups to propose a dinner plan for a guest-hobbit (and hobbits are well known for their love of food!). Each group will be tasked with creating a menu featuring dishes that reflect their own unique tastes and cultural/traditional cuisines.

Through this interactive exercise, we aim to highlight the diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts that contribute to a more pleasant and sustainable journey, emphasising the significance of multidisciplinarity as a lens of diversity. As we conclude, we will invite participants to reflect on their short journey of devising the meal plan.

Please join us for this inspiring session on thriving together through diversity, collaboration, and the forging of meaningful fellowships!

Who’s leading the event?

Associate Professor Kamilya Suleymenova & Dr Mary Dawood

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