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22 October - 13 November
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Transport and Economic Austerity - Interactive Planning Workshop

Tackling Transport Poverty at the Local Level

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Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

This 3 hour interactive planning workshop  will lead to new conversations and collaborations between researchers, policy practitioners and representative community organisations and frontline agencies working with vulnerable populations on the ground. One of the main outcomes of the workshop will be to set up an open dialogue platform focusing on transport austerity.

Places are limited to 20 participants, please register in advance.

What’s it about?

Economic austerity policies since 2010 have widened and deepened poverty across the UK and with the costs of living set to rise again, this is an urgent national and local policy issue. Transport poverty has recently been recognised as an additional financial burden that many low-income households are struggling with at the present time. Although this issue is well-documented within transport research, we currently know very little about how people on the ground are experiencing transport austerity alongside the cost of living crisis. Equally, local transport policies, anti-poverty strategies and planned programmes do not directly confront the transport poverty issue. 

This event will open up dialogue between these currently siloed research and policy arenas to encourage researchers and key stakeholders to engage with local communities concerning their transport poverty challenges in the Greater Manchester area. A second aim is to offer a forum to begin to coproduce a local action agenda to address current transport poverty challenges.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Karen Lucas, University of Manchester

Professor Sarah Marie Hall, University of Manchester

Dr Graeme Sherriff, University of Salford

Dr Joanna Barrow, University of Manchester

Dr Eda Beyazit (visiting USF fellow, Istanbul)

Emma Tsoneva, University of Manchester

Open to

Social science researchers, policy practitioners and third sector organisations from across the transport and poverty disciplines.

Event Booking details

Online booking will be available soon