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21 October - 17 November
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Unmasking pain: The Colours of Light for Health and Wellbeing

Man leading a group with blue smoke

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

The festive spirit of Diwali, including the exchange of gifts and the lighting of lamps, can boost mood and enhance feelings of happiness and positivity.

The Botanic gardens in Durham is a perfect setting for evoking nature settings, an awareness of changes in light from day to night and the aesthetics of ephemeral light sculptures like electric eels flying through the sky as a chorus of performers. This can be achieved both outside and inside the greenhouse within the gardens.

Planned activities, include Rangoli and Diwali clay lamps, together with Indian dance and music. This event will be a pre-event for Lumiere which will be taking place later in the week in Durham.

What’s it about?

This event will explain and utilise the power of the festival of Diwali for health and wellbeing, a key aspect of self-managing persistent pain. This continues the Fuse Health award winning programme, Unmasking pain, from last year’s highly successful programme ESRC Festival event.

Who’s leading the event?

Professor Paul Chazot/Chair in Pharmacology/Biosciences/Director, WRIHW Pain Challenge Academy & Balbir Singh Dance Company