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21 October - 17 November
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What can we do with all those languages?

Children outside doing arts and crafts together

What’s on offer?

Take part in our drop-in art-based hands-on activities. Make art, discover your own already existing multilingualism and position yourself on the multilingual continuum. Create your own language portrait; explore traditional African instruments and experiment with language learning and music making (led by Erick Valentine Mauricia in the morning) and take part in the communal banner and bunting-making activities using block printing, screen-printing and hand-drawing techniques (led by Keng Keng Tang in the afternoon). 

What’s it about?

We engage with the shift from the monolingual to the multilingual paradigm, exploring opportunities offered by artistic practices, creativity, and art-based methods. Our research points out that art-based and creative activities allow for the exploration of new terms and concepts, enable greater inclusion and engagement of all learners in language learning regardless of their backgrounds and skills, support the development of understanding of multilingual identities, and can suspend dominant discourses and negative language hierarchies.

Who’s leading the event?

Researchers Lavinia Hirsu and Dobrochna Futro will work with artists Keng Keng Tang and Erick Valentine Mauricia to explore everyday multilingualism and ways of decolonising language learning. 

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Anyone is Welcome