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21 October - 17 November
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Why should school teachers engage with research?

Are we missing an opportunity, or can research help you improve class room practices, professional wellbeing and student success?

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Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

Are you a primary or secondary school teacher? Are you training to become a primary/secondary school teacher? Do you have to complete a research project as part of your teacher training or CPD but don’t have the time, the resources or the energy to do this? Join this interactive workshop and learn from other teachers, teacher educators and counsellors who have experience in mentoring teachers’ research. This will help you realise the value of research for your own classroom practice, your own professional wellbeing and your students’ success.

What’s it about?

Why does it matter? Practitioner inquiry is a very controversial concept for school teachers. On one hand, they are required to engage with research as part of their teacher training programme and, partly, throughout their annual CPD. However, teachers who are already overworked and dealing with a range of competing demands may view research engagement as a challenging, if not impossible and unproductive, experience. By bringing together academic experts in this area as well as teacher wellbeing clinicians, this event will spark the discussion about the relationship of practitioner enquiry and teachers’ and their students’ wellbeing by addressing some of the main tensions of this professional endeavour.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Sal Consoli, Lecturer in Language Education at the Institute for Language Education, University of Edinburgh

Open to

Education professionals, teachers, and trainee teachers

Of particular interest to

particularly of interest to Local PGDE trainees; Local in-service school teachers both within proximity and those based further away from Moray House.

Scheduling information

Doors open 5pm, event starts 5.30pm