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21 October - 17 November
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Celebrating Communities of Kindness

Lifelong Well-being and social care in the Greater Manchester Jewish Community

A stone decorated in paint with flowers and the words 'kindness catches on' written on it

Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

Join us for a heartwarming series of events in collaboration with the University of Salford and the ESRC Social Science Festival 2023! Engage with our "Postcards of Kindness" initiative, where young students send messages of warmth to elderly care home residents. Dive into a creative session with the "Kindness Pebbles" activity, allowing children and parents to express positivity through art. All culminates in our grand Celebration Event at Heathlands Village, bridging generations and celebrating community spirit, intergenerational connections, and the beauty of human kindness. Come, celebrate lifelong wellbeing with us!

What’s it about?

The central focus of our event, held in conjunction with the ESRC Social Science Festival 2023, hinges on the exploration of intergenerational connectivity, community cohesion, and the therapeutic effects of creative expression. Led by the University of Salford's Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit, this initiative delves into how acts of kindness, both in written and artistic mediums, can significantly bolster lifelong well-being. The event encapsulates the profound impact of community-driven activities on mental wellness, and emphasizes the importance of cross-generational engagement in fortifying societal ties and mutual understanding in diverse age groups.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Eve Blezard

Open to

Residents staff and volunteers at The Heathlands Village site and local parents and children from invited Mums and Tots groups and two local primary schools

Of particular interest to

Anyone interested in intergenerational events, place based belonging and kindess