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21 October - 17 November
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Life-Saving Lullabies: Songs for life

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Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

This event involves an initial discussion about the issues faced by young mothers during pregnancy and following the birth of her child. Following this, a presentation of videos will facilitate discussion of how self-made songs can be created as educational tools and for aiding the relationship between mother and child. An interactive activity will facilitate the mothers to make their own songs. The session concludes with a discussion of how they would implement this approach in their environment.

What’s it about?

The event delves into the health and well-being of young mothers and their babies during pregnancy and the early weeks of the baby's life. We'll explore how the power of song was harnessed by community health volunteers and young mothers in a challenging context with limited access to services. Videos, created with the dedicated volunteers from St John Zambia as they support new mothers, will showcase how essential health information was conveyed in an accessible and culturally relevant manner. These videos emphasize the real-life experiences of the women and girls involved in the research and highlight the potential of collaborative, interdisciplinary work that is rooted in partnership and empowering women to find their solutions.

This event offers young people an opportunity to step outside their usual surroundings, providing a fresh perspective. It engages with the concept of well-being, which is highly relevant to their lives, and introduces an innovative approach that people in similar circumstances have used to care for themselves. Participants will get involved in the process of creating songs and have an exciting chance to interact with a university. It's a unique learning experience that broadens horizons.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr James Reid - School of Education and Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield

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This event targets young mothers receiving support from community services.

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This event is invitation only