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21 October - 17 November
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Wellbeing in Law – Promoting Mental Health for Students and Professionals

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Lifelong wellbeing theme

What’s on offer?

In collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Justice Hub, the University of Salford’s SILKS Law Clinic, Salford City Council and two law firms: Ward Hadaway and Fieldfisher, this event seeks to provide positive help and guidance on mental health and wellbeing. The event is an opportunity for students and professionals to meet and share practical tips on sustaining and encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing.

There will be:

  • A 45-minute panel discussion on the topic, by academics and lawyers, focusing on the work being done to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Two 10-minute presentations by University of Manchester and University of Salford students, highlighting how they have been helped by the work of the respective universities.
  • A 30-minute Q&A with Salford City Council, Ward Hadaway and Fieldfisher about the specific causes of poor mental health in the legal sector and the practical ways in which they are supporting their staff.

Towards the end of the event there will be designated time for attendees to share their experience and best practice with the organisers and external partners. Refreshments will be served during this time.    

What’s it about?

Over the past three years, particularly during the pandemic and in its immediate aftermath, there has been significant strain placed on the mental health and wellbeing of students and professionals. 

Both the University of Manchester and the University of Salford operate law clinics where students have the opportunity to provide legal advice to the public of Greater Manchester. Both clinics work with law firms and public bodies in the local area to facilitate the provision of legal advice.

Many law students and legal professionals have struggled with study/work related stress since the onset of the pandemic. The move away from collegiate environments to home studying/working led to many experiencing poor mental health. Students and professionals have continued to struggle with similar issues post pandemic.

Who’s leading the event?

Fintan Walker, University of Manchester

Sinead Farry, University of Salford

Open to

The event is aimed at those studying law or working in the legal sector.  However, the central theme is transferable across other professional disciplines and will be applicable to non-lawyers.

Of particular interest to

The event will be of particular interest to law students, and professionals (both lawyers and non-lawyers).

Event Booking details

Turn up on the day, no need to book in advance.