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21 October - 17 November
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What is your Health Style?

Discovering your motivation to live a healthy life

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What’s on offer?

Come and discover how understanding what motivates people could make our healthcare system better for everyone! Join Dr Peter Goodwin (Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Manchester Metropolitan University) at this interactive event with guest panellists - Dr Josie Perry (Sports Psychologist, Performance in Mind) featured on BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science; Dr Asri Maharani (Lecturer and Researcher in Public Health, University of Manchester); Dominic McVey (Social Scientist, Word of Mouth Research). 

They will share their expertise in healthcare, research, population health, and motivation and uncover how Health Styles can help to personalise healthcare for us, as well as focus resources where they are needed most.

To discover your own Health Style complete this 5 minute questionnaire:

(No personal data from which you can be identified as an individual will be collected as a result of this short survey. For further information:

Then join our expert panel to explore the research behind the Health Styles, provide feedback and importantly share your ideas on how you think it could be used to reduce inequality and improve lifelong wellbeing. 

What’s it about?

Health Styles looks at the different needs and challenges faced by different groups of people when it comes to their health. By understanding these differences, we can work towards reducing inequalities and improving the overall well-being of individuals throughout their lives.

By tailoring interventions and policies to address these specific needs, we can aim for a more equal and improved health outcome for everyone.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Peter Goodwin, Senior lecturer and researcher in Physiotherapy at the Manchester Metropolitan University

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